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Cat and Life 貓咪的生活


The Broken Spirit 破碎的心靈

God uses the cat, Young Lady who has a good looking but with a sad face and a sorrow heart, to forward His plan for me. The cat visited me for two weeks in 2008. Insteading of greeting people pleasantly, the Young Lady always keeps surpressing herself in her hidding place. Her behavior stands in contast to pet David obviously. David is a homeless cat before, but now he lives so freely, bravely, healthily and honorably . You can see David as follows. I remembered one of my classmates came from Turkey had described him as a perfect cat!
How deep abuse and what kind of miserable life experience did the Young Lady has in the past, I start to ask. 'For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not.'(2 Corinthians 8:12)
God's transforming my motivation and willingness is a long process. Slowly I started to think of teaching the Emotional Logic course in different perspective in 2009. Since I have been leaned this course completely by God's divine guidance and benefit by it, in what way I can contribute it to churches? If I can do something to help, why do I discourage meself again and again before to try by trusting God? How can I know whether the Emotional Logic course will work well or not in Asia, if I am unwilling to learn and to teach it? You can see how bravo the life of cat David is! He is a bird watcher and he enjoys his sunbath naively and cozily.

今天有位學生來到我的辦公室上課,是讀過神學院的傳道.這位學生很可愛,是上帝特別的帶領.剛開始我沒有興趣,也不太知道怎麼一對一教這位學生.感謝神!這位傳道一直不放棄,表示很想學習這英國的情緒課程. 於是,我禱告後接受她的報名.我相信凡是神帶到我面前的,只要緊緊依靠上帝,都是我有能力幫助的,同時他們也是在某方面能幫助我的人.

God leads a minister come to my office to become my one by one student today. She is interested in learning the emotional logic course. I have neither confidence nor passion for being her good teacher, yet she did not give up. I strongly need God's wisdom and confirmation to accept her as my student. I pray that God leads people to meet me either whom I can facilitate or they can assist me.


Walking with God enables my life as taking a roller coaster ride. The process is full of fabulous and remarkable experiences. God embraced me with exlamations of joy. For instance, both to learn and to teach the emotional logic course are not in my plan. Indeed, I was not interested in it, yet God did not give up consistently. Thus I eventually have the willing heart to face this difficult challenge and valuable task!


God is the Best Teacher and the Wonderful Counselor. It is by how He inspires me to do this crucial project that I can testify His unlimited wisdom, patience and love for sinners and this broken community. I will take the moving encounter in my life as an example to illustrate this.

歪妹總是躲在沒有人知道的暗處,死也不肯出來.當有人發現牠時,牠立刻就換地方,大玩貓抓老鼠的遊戲.你看牠的眼旁有些小髒,那是因為沒有人能夠接近牠. 而愛牠的人並不想強制關懷,因為強制得了一時,卻無法長久. 這樣的經驗使我深深地體會到破碎心靈的孤單與無助,如果這套情緒課程能幫助人有效走出心靈的死角與灰暗地帶,那我為何老想著可能存在的困難和問題,卻不勇敢的靠著神尋求資源應用推廣它,使眾教會蒙福呢?

Waiting For God's Timing Is Promising 值得等待


A Cute Cat 乖巧可愛的貓

I was too busy to take any film for Jazz.  You can image how cute Jazz was by watching this video.


How Much Did Jazz Want to Keep Himself Tidy ? 愛乾淨的貓

Jazz was tidy. Look! How serious he intended to keep himself clean and tidy.

Why Could Jazz Live Longer ? 爵士公貓長壽的秘絕

It was not necessary for me to worry about Jazz anything. He slept well, ate well and love well. There are threefold reasons that Jazz can have a longer life:God bless, his masters love him very much and Jazz knew how to take care of himself well. 你瞧,爵士咖啡漸層多彩的毛色!

Jazz Responded Me 貓咪回應我的呼喚

After watching for one minute you could found Jazz answered me clearly. I took this film when I just move to Chung Li City.

How Much Do Jazz Love Me 爵士公貓多愛我

Jazz accompanied me when I need Him most.


The First Lesson I learned

Jazz spent much time to keep himself tidy and clean. It was not necessary to took a shower for him, this was the first lesson I learned.Jazz was seldom sick all his life. This first time Jazz sicked was because he caught a cold.

After he went home with me a few days, I took a shower for him. When I used the electric hair dryer to dry his hairs, he scared and escaped as far as possible. Therefore, Jazz caught a cold soon.


The First Slide Show of Jazz

Now you can enjoy the first slide show of Jazz ! You can see not only how cute the little Jazz was at his first one year old  but also the first post card I made for him. When he sat down on the chair, how handsome and elegant he was! When he jumped to catch the mosquito on the wall, how super he was!

Do you noticed Jazz's tail was curled while he jumped, how lovely he was!  Do you know Jazz even knew how to rest his head on a pillow as a man when he was in bed, how amazing God's special gift to me!

I did not take many pictures for Jazz at his early life, because I was extremely busy for ministry at that time.Though I can not speak in cat's language, I know how much Jazz loves me! Jazz is my beloved one indeed.

I also add two photos that Jazz stared at me on the living room last year and the very precious last moment before he passed away and went to heaven.


The First Encounter

The first encounter was so impressive! I still remembered when I saw Jazz's mother in a missionary family. How beautiful she was, I thought she was God's wonderful creation. I even could not believe my eyes, how elegant and colorful she was! My first encounter with Jazz was in 1993,actually I got two cats at that time.

The brother of Jazz was like a little tiger with yellow hairs. His new owner called him, Pi Pi, that is a naughty boy. I called my cat Jazz  for two reasons.  Not only it was  a memory of one of my friend, but also it meant a knight in Chinese suited his character.

The process of adoption was also very special. When the missionary pastor and I met and took the box with two cats carefully, a young boy of this family described how nice character Jazz had.

My purpose was to get a cat for my professor, her mother wanted more cats.  Yet, she returned the cats to me because Jazz and his brother did not adjust well. I raised Jazz eventually and build a deep relationship with him. One of my school sister was also a Christian chose to raise Pi Pi. I thank God the whole of her family loved Pi Pi very much, too.


About The Jazz Site

Jazz is my lovely cat. The Jazz site will not only introduce him but also demonstrate how graceful life and relationship God gives us. 爵士公貓是我養的第一隻寵物.這個部落格是為牠量身訂做的.在這裡你能從各層面深入了解爵士公貓.你能進行有趣的探索並發現上帝給我們的美好關係和生活.請盡情享受! 

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