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The First Slide Show of Jazz

Now you can enjoy the first slide show of Jazz ! You can see not only how cute the little Jazz was at his first one year old  but also the first post card I made for him. When he sat down on the chair, how handsome and elegant he was! When he jumped to catch the mosquito on the wall, how super he was!

Do you noticed Jazz's tail was curled while he jumped, how lovely he was!  Do you know Jazz even knew how to rest his head on a pillow as a man when he was in bed, how amazing God's special gift to me!

I did not take many pictures for Jazz at his early life, because I was extremely busy for ministry at that time.Though I can not speak in cat's language, I know how much Jazz loves me! Jazz is my beloved one indeed.

I also add two photos that Jazz stared at me on the living room last year and the very precious last moment before he passed away and went to heaven.

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