Cats Receive $250K, House In Owner's Will


The First Encounter

The first encounter was so impressive! I still remembered when I saw Jazz's mother in a missionary family. How beautiful she was, I thought she was God's wonderful creation. I even could not believe my eyes, how elegant and colorful she was! My first encounter with Jazz was in 1993,actually I got two cats at that time.

The brother of Jazz was like a little tiger with yellow hairs. His new owner called him, Pi Pi, that is a naughty boy. I called my cat Jazz  for two reasons.  Not only it was  a memory of one of my friend, but also it meant a knight in Chinese suited his character.

The process of adoption was also very special. When the missionary pastor and I met and took the box with two cats carefully, a young boy of this family described how nice character Jazz had.

My purpose was to get a cat for my professor, her mother wanted more cats.  Yet, she returned the cats to me because Jazz and his brother did not adjust well. I raised Jazz eventually and build a deep relationship with him. One of my school sister was also a Christian chose to raise Pi Pi. I thank God the whole of her family loved Pi Pi very much, too.

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