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Where Did Jazz Come From ? 從哪裡領養爵士公貓?

I post this video for it reminds me the special moment of Jazz and I.

Adopted Jazz for years I almost forgot where he came from until one day, a few weeks before his passed away, when I watched the DVD of the China Evangelical Seminary’s theological and pastoral seminar in 2005.

The theme of the DVD was "Revival is started from returning to the truth", the lecturer is Dr. Donald A. Carson, he is the professor of the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Dr.Carson explained the book of first John exegetically.

The DVD was in English actually. I noticed Jazz unusually sat down before the TV and watched the screen, too. At the moment I was reminded Jazz came from a missionary family and English is his mother language. I felt surprised Jazz still can understand what Dr. Carson talked about. Jazz did not forget his mother, his language and his family as I did not forget Jazz, neither.


I Love You 我愛你

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