Cats Receive $250K, House In Owner's Will


Enjoy Your Weekend!--- Good Idea Or Bad Idea? 享受週末!

A generous man will prosper;
       he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.(Proverbs 11:25 NIV)



Two Little Cats Live And Play Together 兩隻小貓同住同嬉戲

Life is weaved with laughter and tears.  I took those videos on the way teaching grassroots class at a pet store in Pingzhen City 2008. It was full of good memory of students' love for me, though I was sick seriously at that time. 

I am sorry that you can hear the noisy sound because of the motorcycles on the street, and then I did not know how to take a video well by the video camera of my cell phone.


Cat and Life 貓和生活

There are two different cats' videos, you can see cats have different character as well as their masters.


Lovely Cats and Friends 可愛的貓咪朋友

今天是第一次讓愛情鳥回籠過日子的第一天,希望藉此讓[小英]和[小美]能好好孵化牠們的蛋. 此外,今天也是生平第一次收到貓友的來信他們的貓Sunday好可愛又優雅,卻也讓我加倍的想念起爵士. 爵士,我愛你!
很特別的是,今天也是第一次因部落格收到宣教士之子來信,讓我的心情得以提振. 我是屬於不常感冒的人,但這一次從過年感冒至今,這幾天頭痛的要命.感謝神,今天情況有所改善.

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