Cats Receive $250K, House In Owner's Will


How Much Did Jazz Want to Keep Himself Tidy ? 愛乾淨的貓

Jazz was tidy. Look! How serious he intended to keep himself clean and tidy.

Why Could Jazz Live Longer ? 爵士公貓長壽的秘絕

It was not necessary for me to worry about Jazz anything. He slept well, ate well and love well. There are threefold reasons that Jazz can have a longer life:God bless, his masters love him very much and Jazz knew how to take care of himself well. 你瞧,爵士咖啡漸層多彩的毛色!

Jazz Responded Me 貓咪回應我的呼喚

After watching for one minute you could found Jazz answered me clearly. I took this film when I just move to Chung Li City.

How Much Do Jazz Love Me 爵士公貓多愛我

Jazz accompanied me when I need Him most.

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